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Key elements of Organizational Behavior (OB)
Organizational Behavior
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In this world every substance has certain elements. Likewise, Organizational Behavior (OB) has also four main; people, structure, technology and external environment. When people come and join together in an organization to achieve or accomplish certain goal or objective, some kind of structure in required and people use different technology to get the job done properly. So, there is an interaction between elements; people, structure and technology which is influenced by the external environment.The four key elements of Organizational Behavior (OB) are as follows:

  1.  People
  2. Structure
  3. Technology
  4. External Environment

a. People:

The existence of organization is impossible without people. People make up the internal social system of the organization. People consist of individuals and groups. Groups may be formal or informal, small or large, interrelated and complex. People are dynamic in nature as they interact with each other and also influence each other. Groups may form, change and dissolve. Organizations are established to serve the people.

b. Structure:

In this world everything has a structure. For example human body, tree, house and even the book you are reading now has its own type of structure. In an organization, structure defines the roles and relationships of people. It leads to division of; Some may be executives; others may be supervisors, assistants, persons and workers.


The structure clarifies the authority responsibility relationships. All of these people are related to each other to accomplish the objectives in a coordinated manner.

c. Technology:

In today’s world without technology work would be either difficult or even impossible. It provides the economic and physical resources to make peoples job easy. The people are given assistance of machines, tools, methods, and resources. The nature of is contingent/dependent upon the nature of tasks and scale of operations. Technology may also put restrictions on the freedom of people.

d.  External environment:

External environment is an important element of OB. An organization operates in a larger social system are influenced by external environment which includes socio-cultural, economic, political, legal, technological, and geographical forces. These forces influence people’s altitudes, motives and working conditions in an organization in many ways. Similarly, the organization also has also an influence over the environment but degree of influence is less. The organization imports inputs from the environment and exports outputs to the environment.

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