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Management of Human Resources – Old Question Paper 2014 | Semester : Spring

Management of Human Resources
Old Question Paper
Year: 2014 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2014 Spring

Attempt all the questions

1) a.Define human resource management. Explain the importance of human resource management in a competitive business world.[8]
b. Explain the ethical issues in human resource management.[7]

2) a.Explain the importance of human resource planning. [7]
b.Distinguish between internal and external recruitment.What are their relative advantages? [8]
What is employee selection? Explain the different methods of employee selection.[8]

3) a.Define employee socialization.Why is employee socialization necessary in organization?[7]
b. Distinguish between on-the job training and off-the-job training in terms of method used in these training.[8]

4) a.Define training. What factors would you consider in designing the training program?[8]
b. What is performance appraisal? Describe the methods of performance appraisal which would be appropriate for financial institutions.[7]

5) a.Define compensation. Explain the emerging concepts and issues in compensation.[7]
b. Organization Health and Safety (OHS) is a growing concern for organizations all over the world. How do you see its relevance to Nepalese Organizations?[8]

6) a.Define Industrial relations. Explain the collective bargaining process.[8]
b. What is conflict management? Explain the conflict management techniques.[7]
Define career development. Explain the different approaches to career development.

7) Write short notes on any two:[2×5]

a. Job stress factors
b. Management by objective
c. Job evaluation system

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