Management of Human Resources – Old Question Paper 2014 | Semester :Fall

Management of Human Resources
Old Question Paper
Year: 2014 | Semester: Fall
Pokhara University

Exam 2014 Fall

Attempt all the questions

1) a. Discuss the role of HR Professional in changing environment. [8]
b. Differentiate between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. [7]

2) a. Discuss the contributory role of Human Resource information System (HRIS) in formulating HR strategy in the organization. [8]
b. Assume that you are HR manager of Nabil Bank Ltd. working in head office kathmandu.Recently, your organization has selected a female employee for the post of loan officer to fulfill the vacancy post in the branch office Pokhara. You are requested to prepare well-defined job description to the newly appointed employee for Pokhara branch. Prepare it.[7]

3) a.”An organization should follow a policy of recruiting from within the organization”. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.[8]
b. What is MBO? Examine the advantage of MBO for evolving a more objective performance appraisal system.[7]

4) a.Describe the various types of compensation that have practiced in the today’s Nepalese organizations.[8]
b. Explain how well defined compensation system can change the performance of the employees in the organization.[7]

5) a.Organization Health and Safety (OHS) is a growing concern for organization all over the world. How do you see its relevance to Nepalese organizations?[8]
b. What is job stress? Discuss the major causes of stress.[7]

6) a.Describe the cause and consequence of conflict that may arise in the organization’s workplace.[8]
b. Discuss the contemporary issues in industrial relations in Nepal.[7]

7) Write short notes on any two:[2×5]

b.Gain sharing
c.Spirituality in the workplace.

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