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Management of Technology | Syllabus of BBA Seventh Semester | Pokhara University (PU)

Management of Technology Syllabus BBA Seventh Semester

Course Title:Management of Technology
Course code: NBE 396
Credit hours: 3

Course Objectives

The course focuses on different matters of importance and issues related to management of technology in the organizational context. It builds on students’ knowledge about the role of technology in today’s business world. They will understand how to better select technological opportunities and understand organizational challenges that prevent these technologies frombeing successful.

Course Description

This course is concerned with the management issues surrounding the technology being used in organizations. The focus will be on the theoretical and practical aspects of management of technology in organizations. This course is also concerned with human and organizational issues as well as strategic and operational issues related to technology introduction and use. It provides frameworks and management principles that managers can employ to cope with the challenges inherent in the implementation of rapidly advancing technology.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Explain the key concepts and the dynamics of technology as used in business;
  • Discuss the management issues related to technology acquisition, application, protection and maintenance;
  • Analyze and formulate technology policies and strategies for business organizations;
  • Know how to implement technology policies and strategies;
  • Understand how to manage ideas and knowledge in a technology-based organization;
  • Facilitate organizational change and sustainable improvements at the enterprise level through competitive work systems.

Course Contents

The following themes or topics are included:

  • Introduction and key concepts of technology management
  • Sources and types of technology
  • Changing context of technological environment
  • Critical factors in managing technology
  • Strategic implications of technology
  • Needs assessment of technology
  • Industrial analysis and technology planning
  • Technology choice and life cycle
  • Technology acquisition and utilization
  • Technological forecasting
  • Organizational implications of technology
  • Financial aspects in technology management
  • Social issues in technology management
  • Technological change and industrial relations
  • Technology assessment and environmental impact analysis
  • Human aspects in technology management
  • Technology transfer, licensing, joint venture, technology alliance
  • Technology management scenario in Nepal


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