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Managerial Decision Making – Old Questions | Principles Of Management

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Principles Of Management (POM)
Old Questions
Pokhara University

Section A : Very Short Answer Questions

2014 Fall Q.No.2
List any three techniques to aid managerial decision making. [2]

2015 Fall Q.No.2
What are the types of informal group?[2]

2015 Fall Q.No.6
Define programmed decision making.[2]

Section B : Descriptive Answer Questions :

2002 Q.No.4b
Define decision making. Discuss the role of group influence in decision making.[8]

2003 Fall Q.No.3b
Discuss the concept of group decision making. In what ways group decisions can be taken?[7]

2005 Fall Q.No.3c
Briefly describe the steps in the decision making process.[5]

2005 Spring Q.No.3a
What are the steps in rational decision – making? Which step do you think is the most difficult to carry out? Why?[8]

2006 Spring Q.No.3b
What is strategic decision? Describe the tools available for decision making.[3+5]

2007 Fall Q.No.2b
What do you mean by decision making? Explain the styles of decision making.[7]

2007 Spring Q.No.2b OR
Define decision trees. Why is decision tree a useful technique of decision making?[7]

2008 Spring Q.No.3b
Describe the features of group decision making. What are its advantages?[8]

2010 Fall Q.No.4a
Explain briefly the steps of rational decision making.[7]

2010 Spring Q.No.2a
Explain the process of decision making. How can decisions be made more effective?[8]

2011 Fall Q.No.3b
Explain the styles of decision making . Do these styles equally apply in all situations? Explain when you would use which style.[8]

2011 Spring Q.No.3b
“What a manager does, he does through decision making”. Critically examine the statement.[7]

2012 Fall Q.No.3a
Explain the steps in rational decision making.[7]

2012 Spring Q.No.3a
Explain the nature and different conditions of decision making?[7]

2013 Fall Q.No.3b
What are the steps in rational decision making? Which step do you think is the most difficult to carry out? Why?[8]

2013 Spring Q.No.3a
What are the different styles and conditions of decision making? Explain.[8]

2014 Fall Q.No.13
Explain why decision making is a crucial function of management. What is the importance of environmental scanning to strategic planning?[6]

2014 Spring Q.No.17
Explain how decision making differs under conditions of certainty and uncertainty. What should be done to reduce the risk of decision making?[10]

2015 Fall Q.No.15
“Managers makes the decision under different condition”. Explain the statement with suitable examples.[10]

Write Short notes on:

2008 Fall Q.No.7d
Techniques of group decision making.


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