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Managerial Skills – Principles of Management | Management

Managerial Skills
Principles Of Management
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A managerial skill is an ability of managers to make a business decision and lead subordinates within a organizations to perform tasks efficiently and effectively. Simply we can say managerial skills is the knowledge and ability of the manager to carry different activities and make a reliable decision during complex problems.

Each and every manager in any organization need managerial skills and abilities to carry out various management functions. The corresponding management skills required for different managers of different department are as follows:

Technical skill:

Technical skills involve use of tools techniques, and procedures that are required to perform an organizational role. Technical Skill is the ability to perform a specialized task that involved a certain method or process. This skill is particularly important at the lower levels of the organization where the manager needs to know how the work is done. For top-level managers, these abilities tend to be related to knowledge of the industry and a general understanding of the organization’s process and products. The lower-level managers or supervisors need technical skills because they have to see that goods and services are produced and delivered or not.

Human skill:

Human skill is the ability to understand, communicate, motivate, coordinate, lead and control the behavior of other individuals and groups. It reflects the leadership ability of a manager. An understanding of human relations and organizational behavior is most important to managers in the middle management hierarchy. Middle level managers are concerned with directing lower level supervisors and other middle managers.

Conceptual skill:

Conceptual skill is the ability to identify problems and resolve problems for the benefit of the organization and everyone concerned. It is most important at the upper levels of the organization where long-range forecasting and planning are the main activities. Managers use these skills when they consider the role of the business in its external environment.

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