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Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) / Nagarik Lagani Kosh is the mutual fund that issues citizen unit fund scheme and other form of offers to the investors. It is a trust company registered under Citizen Investment Trust Act 2047 who manages the unit scheme. CIT started managing unit scheme by floating Citizen Unit 52 in the year 2052. CIT put Rs. 5 million as seed capital in the beginning. The total investment was only Rs. 65 million at the end of 2052/53 which has increased to Rs. 4,027 million by the end of 2059/60. Total financial asset of CIT has continued to increase in last several years due to considerable success of unit schemes and investment.

Total assets/liabilities increased by 24.3 percent recording investments of Rs. 8.42 billion and deposit of Rs. 7.71 billion. Liquid assets increased by 24.9 percent reaching Rs. 133 billion. During the same period, loans and credit increased by 34.9% showing Rs. 990 million. The main features of Citizen Unit 52 are as follows. 

  • It is an open-ended scheme. The units can be purchased from and sold to CIT at any time. Therefore, the number of units outstanding varies from time to time.
  • This scheme has also guaranteed a minimum return to its investors.
  • It is described as a regular income plus growth oriented scheme .


  • It can be purchased by an individual as well as an organization.
  • CIT has taken the responsibility of operation and management of the scheme. It has constituted a trustee committee and investment committee for the effective management of the scheme. The management fee is limited to 1.5 percent or u total fund and 15 percent of the total income.
  • CIT invests the fund in government securities, fixed deposit accounts commercial banks, shares and debentures of corporate organizations, term and bridge financing.


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