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Organisational communication includes :

Organisational communication includes :


  • A) Interviewing potential employees
  • B) Resolving conflicts
  • C) Presenting and selling ideas
  • D) All of the above

The Correct Answer Is:

  • D) All of the above

Answer Explanation:

Organizational communication is a critical aspect of any business or institution. Effective communication within an organization ensures that information flows smoothly, tasks are accomplished efficiently, and the overall work environment remains conducive to collaboration and productivity.

In this context, let’s explore why option D, “All of the above,” is the correct answer, and why the other options (A, B, and C) are not fully correct.

Option D – All of the above:

A) Interviewing potential employees:

This is a key element of organizational communication, often conducted by HR professionals or hiring managers. When interviewing potential employees, effective communication is essential to assess their qualifications, skills, and cultural fit within the organization.

Communication skills are crucial for interviewers to ask relevant questions, actively listen to responses, and provide clear information about the job and company. Furthermore, the interviewee also needs strong communication skills to articulate their qualifications and career goals.

B) Resolving conflicts:

Conflict resolution is a significant part of organizational communication. Conflicts can arise for various reasons, such as differences in opinions, goals, or misunderstandings. Effective communication is vital to identify the root causes of conflicts, engage in open dialogues, and find mutually acceptable solutions.

Managers and employees alike must possess strong communication skills to navigate conflicts constructively, which promotes a harmonious work environment and prevents disruptions in productivity.

C) Presenting and selling ideas:

Presenting and selling ideas is a crucial skill in the corporate world, as it often involves convincing others of the merits of a proposal or project. Effective communication is essential for conveying ideas clearly, persuasively, and persuading stakeholders to support them.

Whether it’s a sales pitch, a business proposal, or a project presentation, communication skills play a pivotal role in influencing decisions and achieving buy-in from team members, clients, or investors.

In conclusion, organizational communication is a multifaceted concept that involves various communication processes and activities. While interviewing potential employees, resolving conflicts, and presenting and selling ideas are significant components of organizational communication, they do not represent the entirety of this complex field.

Option D, “All of the above,” is correct because it acknowledges the diverse range of communication functions that are integral to the functioning of an organization.


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