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ggOrganizational Goal setting and planning
Principles Of Management (POM)
Old Questions
Pokhara University

Section A : Very Short Answer Questions

2014 Spring Q.No.2
State any three types of power.[2]

2015 Spring Q.No.9
Explain Management by objectives (MBO).[2]

Section B : Descriptive Answer Questions :

2002 Q.No. 2a
“Planning is the first activity in managerial process”. Comment. Also discuss importance of planning for a business.[8]

2002 Q.No. 2b
Why setting goal is necessary for an organization? Describe goal formulation process.[7]

2002 Q.No. 6b
What is strategic planning? Briefly describe importance of environmental scanning in planning.[8]

2003 Fall Q.No. 3a
Explain different types of planning that a typical organization formulates.[8]

2004 Fall Q.No.3
What is strategic planning? Do you agree with the statement that strategic planning involves making decisions today that will have an impact in the future?[6+9]

2005 Fall Q.No.3a
Goal setting is the most important part of planning process. Explain.[5]

2006 Spring Q.No. 3a
Why planning is important? Discuss. [7]

2007 Fall Q.No.1b
What is an organization goal? State the features of effective organization goal.[7]

2007 Fall Q.No.3a
Explain the difference between strategic and tactical planning.[5]

2007 Fall Q.No.6a
Planning and controlling are the two important management functions. Explain how they relate to one another. [8]

2007 Spring Q.No.2a OR
How strategic planning differs from operational planning? How do they complement each other?[8]

2008 Fall Q.No.3a
“Planning is not a single event, it is an ongoing process that reflects and adapt to changes in the environment surrounding the organization “. Explain this statement.[7]

2008 Fall Q.No.3b
What is SWOT analysis? Why this analysis is important and widely used by organizations?[8]

2008 Spring Q.No.3a
What is contingency planning? Is being flexible about your plans the same as contingency planning? Why or Why not?[7]

2009 Spring Q.No.2b
Briefly highlight the importance of planning in modern day business context.[5]

2009 Spring Q.No.3a
“To succeed business organizations nowadays must incorporate social wellbeing in their planning”. Explain this statement.[8]

2009 Spring Q.No.3b
What are the purposes of goals? Explain the types of standing plans formulated by organizations.[7]

2010 Fall Q.No.3b
How situational analysis can be made by the manager in an organization? Explain it with the help of suitable examples.[7]

2011 Fall Q.No.3a
“Planning is an intellectual process , the conscious determination of future courses of action, the basing of decisions on purpose , facts and considered estimates”. Comment on the statement.[7]

2011 Fall Q.No.3a OR
What is SWOT analysis? What significance does it have for strategy formulation?[7]

2011 Spring Q.No.3a
State the basic step in any planning process. Why planning is a critical function for the manager?[8]

2012 Fall Q.No.2b
Define organizational goals. What are the primary barriers to goals setting? Suggest how do you manage such barriers.[8]

2012 Spring Q.No.2b
“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Discuss upon the statement to highlight the importance of planning in management.[8]

2012 Spring Q.No.3b
What are the components included in the situational analysis? What significance does SWOT analysis have in strategy formulation of the organization?[8]

2013 Fall Q.No.3a
Goal setting is the most important part of planning process. Explain.[7]

2013 Fall Q.No.3b OR
What is SWOT analysis? What significance does it have for strategy formulation?[8]

2013 Spring Q.No.2b
What are strategic plans? How such plans are formulated in an organization? Explain.[8]

2014 Fall (Old) Q.No.3a
Discuss the MBO as a technique of plan formation. What are its strengths and weakness?[8]

2014 Spring Q.No.14
What is strategic planning? Explain the steps in the strategic planning process.[10]

2015 Spring Q.No.15
Give the concept of strategic planning. How is it formulated and implemented? Explain.[10]

Write Short Notes On:

2004 Fall Q.No.7a
Types of plan

2010 Spring Q.No.7a
Concept of strategic planning

2011 Fall Q.No. 7a
Organizational goals

2013 Spring Q.No.7c
SWOT analysis

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