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Key elements – Practice of Leadership

Being an effective leader is not an easy task. A leader must have various kinds of leadership traits like credibility, honesty, integrity, accountability, inspiring, etc. which makes him/her effective leader. Not every leader is perfect; he/she must plan to develop certain kind of skills which he/she does not have along with adapting certain kind of leadership style according to the demand of the situation and the type of organization and the audience he/she is dealing with. For a leader to be honest and transparent all the time is not possible.  He/ She must do some kind of mystification with the things so that everything goes on a right way in the correct direction.


Proper Planning needs to be carried out by a leader to be effective. The first step in planning to be effective leader is developing certain leadership skill that has been lacking in the leader for carrying out the activities effectively. Leaders must develop communication skills, must be innovative, creative, forward looking and should be able to share his vision to his followers. A leader must be ethical and must have understood the value of Emotional Intelligence.


After developing certain kind of leadership skills, leaders must evaluate every aspect about him/her regarding what are their capabilities, what he/she actually feels, what are their core values, beliefs. After understanding all these aspects of themselves they will have a clear vision to walk on. Leaders must find and understand their current skill as well as must challenge the process by taking risk when needed. Since, leadership is a relationship which indicates that leaders must try to understand his/her followers as well. And the final step of becoming an effective leader is setting a clear goal and objectives and must plan some strategies on how he/she will be achieving those goals and objectives.


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