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Principles of Marketing – Old Question Paper 2005 | Semester: Fall

Principles of Marketing
Old Question Paper
Year: 2005 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

2005 Fall

Attempt All the questions

1. a. What does the term marketing mean? Explain some of the challenges which marketers face in the new millennium? What kind of steps and measures should be taken to address those challenges? [8]

b. Discuss in brief the evolution of marketing concepts. [7]
While implementing the marketing concept, how would you reconcile between the business expectation of profit and consumer aspiration for need satisfaction? Explain your strategy.

2. a. “Market research is often considered by many Nepalese is organizations as an exercise which is dull and unexciting. It is expensive. Its benefits are unclear. It is something that most private-sector businesses in Nepal cannot afford to do and above all why to incur unnecessary expenditure when they are assured of sales anyway”. Is it true? Present your arguments in favour or against the statement. [7]

b. Differentiate between segmentation, targeting and positioning.Explain various demographical and psychographical variables which could be used for segmenting consumer markets. [8]

3. a. Explain Product Life Cycle. Explain how the marketing mix of an organization might change during the various stages of the PLC. Explain the strategies which a firm might pursue during the maturity and decline stage of the PLC. [8]

b. Explain the various steps in the New Product Development process. [7]

4. a. What is cost plus pricing? ls this approach relevant in today’s competitive market? Discuss in brief. [7]

b.Explain the various internal and external factors which influence the company’s pricing decisions [8]

5. a. Discuss the importance of promotion in the present day context with suitable examples. Why do you think some enterprises refrain from promoting?

b. Explain the various tools which can be used for sales promotion for the consumers and the members of trade.

6. a. Explain the major channel design decisions which an organization should take in designing an effective channel system. [10]
b. Explain the concept and importance of Integrated Logistics Management.[5]
Explain the major marketing logistics functions.

7. Write short notes on (Any Two) [2x5l

  • Channel conflict
  • Product line decisions
  • Consumer buying decision process.

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