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Marketing Old Question Paper 2005 – Semester: Spring|Management Notes

Marketing Old Question Paper 2005
Old Question Paper
Year: 2005 | Semester:Spring
Pokhara University

2005 Fall

Attempt All the questions (Marketing Old Question Paper 2005)

1. a. Define marketing and explain the core concepts of marketing. [8]
b. “The customer is the centre of all the marketing activities.” Explain the statement in the context of implementation of marketing concept in an organization.[7]

2. a. What are the marketing implications of micro-environmental forces of the marketing environment? Explain.[8]
b. Marketing Information systems are becoming more crucial in this age of information explosion. Justify.[7]

3. a. Discuss how product life cycle stages help marketers in developing marketing strategy. [8]
b. Describe the service marketing strategies for a service industry in brief.[7]

4. a. Define consumer behaviour. Briefly explain how a cultural and behavioural factor affects the buyers’ behaviour.[8]
b. What is perceived value pricing? How is it different from cost plus pricing?[7]

5. a. Describe the two basic promotion strategies used by marketers.[7]
b. What role does channel of distribution plays? Also discuss the importance of logistics in distribution.[8]

6. a. “Positioning is a mind game”.Explain. [8]
b. How do marketing managers deal with price changes? Explain.[7]

7. Write short notes on (Any two):{2×5-10}

  • Pull versus Push Strategy
  • Selecting advertising media
  • Relationship marketing

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