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Principles of Marketing – Old Question Paper 2007 | Semester: Fall

Principles of Marketing
Old Question Paper
Year: 2007 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

2007 Fall

Attempt All the questions

1. a. What is marketing? Differentiate between the selling and the marketing concept.[8]
b. Define marketing information system. Briefly explain the components of marketing information system.[7]

2. a. Define consumer behaviour. Briefly describe the factors that affect consumer buying behaviours. [8]
b. What is market segmentation? Describe the bases for segmenting consumer market.[7]

3. a. What are the macro marketing environmental forces? Describe the key demographic trends that have provided opportunities to the marketer.[8]
b. Define services. Describe the characteristics of services.[7]

4. You are the marketing manager of an established vehicle company Juki which sells cars with fairly moderate price range in South Asian countries. Your company has had wonderful experience i terms of market share in past years. However, with the increasing competition in the market, your market share has been declining in recent days. At one side is the success of small cars with affordable prices targeted towards the middle level class, and at the other end is luxurious vehicles with high pricing. Both of these categories are doing very well in the market.

Now, as marketing manager of Juki, advice the management team to take corrective actions to secure your position in the market. Your small survey with the middle class and high class customers, both show they are not interested in your vehicles due to its pricing, features, design, brand recognition etc. What should you suggest to your management team today? Give correct advice with justification.

5. a. What is a new product? Describe briefly the new product development process. [7]
b. Define distribution channels. Describe the stages and activities while making a channel design decision.[8]

6. a. What is price? Describe briefly the factors, which should be considered while setting the price of a product.[8]
b. What is integrated marketing communication? Describe briefly about effective communication process.[7]

7. Write short notes on (Any Two):{2×5=10}

  • Push versus strategy members
  • Functions of intermediaries (channel members)
  • Cost versus value based pricing
  • Sales promotion versus personal selling

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