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Marketing Question Paper 2010 – Semester Fall | Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing
Old Question Paper
Year: 2010 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

2007 Fall

Attempt All the questions

1. a. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. Comment [10]
b. Differentiate between marketing concepts from societal marketing concept.[5]

2. a. Briefly discuss how the firms can react and respond to the key changes in its micro and macro environment.[8] b. What do you understand by the term ‘market segment? How might a company segment the market for durable consumer products?

3. a. Define the marketing information system and discuss its major components.[8]
b. Describe the major stages involved in consumer buying process.[7]

4. a.What are the different stages of Product Life Cycle (PCL)? Explain with this illustration of at least one product, pricing, distribution promotion strategies at each relevant stage.[8]
b. What are the peculiar characteristics of service marketing? Explain, how are 3p’s (people, physical evidence and process) used to in the application of service marketing.[7]

5. a. “Cost plus pricing is a fair pricing method justify with your comments. Which pricing method would you follow to set the price of a newly introduced consumer product in the local market? Give reason.[9]
b. What is direct marketing? Why is it getting popular in these days? [6]

6. a. State and evaluate the factors a firm should take into account when selecting the most appropriate distribution channel for a new product.[7]
b. “Promotion is the most critical element in the marketing mix”.Comment on the statement. In the case of banking industry of Nepal what is more important relationship marketing or advertising? Give reasons.[8]

7. Write short notes on: (Any Two) (2×5]

  • Product positioning
  • Push and Pull strategies of promotion
  • Branding vs. labelling

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