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Marketing Old Question Paper 2011 Fall | Management Notes

Marketing Old Question Paper 2011 Fall|Principles of Marketing
Old Question Paper
Year: 2011 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

2011 Fall

Attempt All the questions(Marketing Old Question Paper 2011 Fall)

1. a. Define marketing concept and explain its four fundamental principles.[7]
b. How does the economic environment influence the delign of the marketing mix? Explain with examples.[8]

2. a. How does marketing research differs from marketing intelligence?[7]
b. Describe the major psychological factors irfluencing the buying decisions of a consumer.[8]

3. a. Explain the concept and importance of product positioning in modern marketing. [8]
b. Describe any four criteria used in evaluating a market segment.[8]

4. a. What is a brand? Explain any four characteristics of a good brand.[7]
b. How does a service product differs from a physical good? Explain the concepts of service differentiation and service quality.[8]

5. a. Explain the value-based pricing approach with examples from Nepal.[7]
b. What are the key channel functions? How channel disputes arise and how are they resolved?[8]

6. a. What is promotion mix? When do marketing firms launch sales promotions? [7]
b. Explain any four considerations in selecting advertising media.[8]

7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]

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