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Marketing Old Question Paper 2011 – Semester: Spring|Management Notes

Marketing Old Question Paper 2011
Old Question Paper
Year: 2011 | Semester : Spring
Pokhara University

2011 Spring

Attempt All the questions(Marketing Old Question Paper 2011)

1. a. Define Marketing. Discuss some of the challenges marketers are facing today.[8]
b. Define consumer behaviour. Discuss how consumer buyer decision process is different than industrial buying process.[7]

2. a. Define the term socio-cultural environment. How does socio-cultural environment a a firm’s marketing decision? Discuss with examples.[7]
b. What is marketing logistics? Discuss the major functions of marketing logistics.[8]

3. a. Explain the different stages of Product Life Cycle (PLC) and briefly describe the marketing mix strategies suitable for maturity stage of the PLC.[8]
b. “Marketing should be more focused to retain their old customer rather than acquiring new customer.” Do you agree with the statement? Give your justifications.[7]

4. a. What is branding? Discuss the strategy to build a strong brand of a product or a service.[7]
b. Discuss the major decisions involved in developing an advertisement message.[8]

5. a. Define marketing channels? Discuss in detail the channel selection decisions for a consumer product.[7]
b. Identify and explain the external and internal factors affecting the pricing decisions.[8]

6. a. Define marketing communication mix? Discuss the role of personal selling in marketing of a new product.[7]
b. What is product positioning? Discuss the various steps involved in designing the positioning strategy.[8]

7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]

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