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Quality management in software engineering is also known as

Quality management in software engineering is also known as


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The Correct Answer for the given question is option A) SQA


Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

A software quality assurance (SQA) process involves monitoring the software engineering processes and methods to ensure proper software quality. The purpose of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is to ensure that the software is of high quality. Processes, procedures, and standards are evaluated to ensure they are suitable for the project and implemented correctly. It is a process that works in parallel with the development of software. The purpose is to improve the process of developing software so that problems can be prevented before they become a problem. In the software development process, Software Quality Assurance is a kind of umbrella activity.

Management, administrators or even developers can use these standards when reviewing and auditing software products and activities to verify that they meet quality criteria linking to standards. Software quality assurance covers all phases of software development, including requirements engineering, software design, coding, code reviews, source code control, software configuration management, testing, and release management. Essentially, it is made up of goals, commitments, abilities, activities, measurements, verifications, and validations.

Benefits of Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

  • Saves Your Money
  • Prevents Catastrophic Corporate Emergencies
  • Inspires Client Confidence
  • Maintains Great User Experience
  • Brings In More Profit
  • Boosts Customer Satisfaction
  • Promotes Organization, Productivity, and Efficiency

Which of the following statements about job satisfaction and job performance is true?


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