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Research shows that followers seek and admire leaders who create feelings of 

Research shows that followers seek and admire leaders who create feelings of 


A. anticipation.
B. individualism.
C. clarity.
D. significance.
E. freedom.

The Correct Answer Is:

  • D. significance.

The correct answer is D. significance, and I will explain in detail why this is the correct answer, as well as why the other options (A. anticipation, B. individualism, C. clarity, and E. freedom) are not as appropriate.

Significance (Correct Answer):

Research in the field of leadership and followership has shown that followers tend to seek and admire leaders who make them feel significant. Feeling significant means that followers believe their contributions and actions matter and are valued by their leaders.

Leaders who acknowledge the importance of their followers and make them feel significant can inspire and motivate their team members. This sense of significance often leads to higher job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty among followers.

Leaders who emphasize the significance of their followers typically show appreciation, provide constructive feedback, and recognize the unique strengths and contributions of each individual. By doing so, leaders foster a positive and supportive work environment that motivates followers to put in their best effort and actively contribute to the organization’s goals.

Feeling significant is a fundamental psychological need, and leaders who fulfill this need create a strong bond with their followers. This connection is based on mutual respect, trust, and a sense of belonging within the group.

Anticipation (Not Correct):

While anticipation can be a valuable quality in a leader, it does not align as closely with the research findings related to the desires of followers. Followers may appreciate leaders who provide clear goals and direction, which can lead to a sense of anticipation about the future.

However, anticipation itself is not a primary emotional need that followers seek in their leaders. Followers are more likely to admire leaders who make them feel significant, valued, and appreciated.

Individualism (Not Correct):

Individualism suggests a focus on individuality and independence. While individualism can be important in certain contexts, it does not represent the primary emotional connection that followers seek from their leaders.

Followers typically look for leaders who foster teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of belonging within a group or organization. The idea of individualism may not align with the desire for a sense of community, which is often essential for effective leadership.

Clarity (Not Correct):

Clarity in leadership is important, as it relates to clear communication, vision, and goals. While followers do appreciate leaders who provide clarity in their directions and expectations, this quality does not directly address the emotional needs of followers.

Clarity is more about the effectiveness of leadership in terms of setting goals and expectations, whereas the question is focused on the emotional connection that followers seek with their leaders.

Freedom (Not Correct):

Freedom is an important concept, but it often relates to autonomy and independence, which may be sought by followers but does not directly align with the idea of followers seeking and admiring leaders.

Followers may value leaders who provide a degree of autonomy and empower them to make decisions, but this does not capture the primary emotional need of significance. While freedom can be a factor in leadership style, it does not encompass the overall emotional connection that followers desire in their leaders.

In conclusion, the correct answer is “D. significance” because research suggests that followers seek and admire leaders who make them feel significant and valued. This emotional connection creates a strong bond between leaders and followers, leading to increased motivation, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

The other options, such as anticipation, individualism, clarity, and freedom, do not align as closely with the primary emotional needs that followers seek in their leaders, making “significance” the most appropriate answer.

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