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How Sane Are We? – Four Levels | Adventures In English Vol II

How Sane Are We?
Four Levels | Adventures In English Vol II
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Unit: One ( Environment)
By: Anuradha Chaudhary (Anuradha Chaudhary is a Bangladeshi writer who is an experienced professor of environmental biology)

How Sane Are We?

Literal Comprehension:

The Essay “How Sane Are We?” is a very beautiful essay based on an environmental problem written by a Bangladeshi writer Anuradha Chaudhary. She is an experienced professor of environmental biology. In this essay, she presents that in today’s world human beings are not responsible and careful about the conservation of the environment and nature. She believes that due to human indifference, rapid urbanization, and industrialization, the environment is getting heavily polluted and degrading day by day. She believes that the gases which are produced from the industry, mishandling the chemicals and the excessive use of CFCs have greatly contributed to the destruction of the ozone layer causing skin cancer, greenhouse effect, and other various epidemics.

The citizens, even the university students, are not able to understand that the degraded ecological condition is directly linked with the present day bad politics and wrong ways of thinking. In 1974, the scientists found that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) destroys ozone that protects the life on Earth from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun which is used as coolants in the refrigerators and air conditioners, as foam-blowing agents, as propellants in spray cans, and cleaning agents for computer chips.

They deplete ozone resulting in the rise in the cases of skin cancer, cataracts, suppression of the human immune system, threats to the Antarctic food chain, damage to ecosystems and agriculture, and extinction of some wild species. Although the harmful effects of CFCs were known very much earlier it was not banned immediately because of the political leaders we chose irrationally. This is not only CFCs but also other harmful products that are present, but our collective inactions have ruled over the world.


This essay might be trying to tell us that even though we human being is considered the supreme creature of all the other many creatures in the world, we think ourselves wise, witty, clever, intelligent, enthusiastic and responsible creature. But, we are so sane that we destroy our own home and ourselves not only other creatures. We think only inheritance of the natural things here and do whatever thing we like. The essay also implies that humans cannot make rational decisions. Neither general people choose rational political leaders as their representatives nor do the elected representatives make the right decisions in time.

They know that CFCs are depleting the ozone layer but are not doing anything to stop the use of this harmful chemical. They make decisions but have no courage and take no initiation of implementation. Thus, we are spoiling the environment by electing such leaders and they are spoiling the future of mankind.

Critical Thinking:

I like this essay very much. This essay is mainly focused on environmental degradation and the importance of its conservation. In this essay, the writer criticizes the governments, politicians, and factory owners who use harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons. She gives emphasis on its conservation because we are responsible for its destruction. She criticizes sharply to the leaders and the people who elect such leaders but she does not think the scientists should also be equally careful about the harmful effects of the chemical. Not only leaders and scientists all we are equally responsible for this problem and should be careful about its solution.


Reading this essay gives a lot of knowledge. Literature gives not only pleasure or entertainment but a vast knowledge of different fields. As I read this essay, I got a lot of information from this essay. I knew about the ozone layer and its usefulness. I also knew the bad sides of air conditioners and refrigerators. Before this I was careless of these things; I would not feel anything while using AC and fridge, but now I feel I am guilty of polluted nature when I use these appliances. I have seen many people suffering from skin cancer, respiratory problems, and other many diseases. This might have been caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and the depleted ozone layer. Now I will try to convince all my relatives and families about these problems.

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