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Scope of organizational behavior does not include

Have you ever struggled to answer the question “Scope of organizational behavior does not include” in relation to the concept of Organizational Behavior? There’s no need to worry about it anymore. This post contains the correct answer to your question.

Scope of organizational behavior does not include


  • (A) Leadership
  • (B) Perception
  • (C) Job Design
  • (D) Technology

The Correct Answer Is:

  • D) Technology


The answer to your question “Scope of organizational behavior does not include?” should now be clear for you. I appreciate you coming here to find the answer to your question and best wishes for your preparation for the subject “Organizational Behavior”.

Scope of Organizational Behavior Include: 

  • Impact of personality on performance
  • Motivation of employees
  • Leadership
  • Creating effective teams and groups
  • Different organizational structures are studied
  • Learning, behavior, and attitude of individuals
  • Perception
  • Organizational design and development
  • Job design
  • The impact of culture on organizational behavior
  • Management of change
  • Management of conflict and stress
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational culture
  • Transactional analysis
  • Group behavior, power and politics
  • Job design
  • Study of emotions

Have a Look on Some Key Concepts of Organizational Behavior

Features of Organizational Behavior (OB) 

  • Management is made up of several parts, but OB is not the whole of it. A behavioral approach to management is represented by it.
  • There is a growing concern for people at work that is reflected in OB theory, research, and application. The study contributes to a better understanding of human behavior at work.
  • The purpose of OB is to benefit humans. Predicting individual behavior is possible with it.
  • Studying OB involves a wide range of disciplines. It aims to bring together knowledge drawn from diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science and economics. As a matter of fact, OB is an applied behavioral science.
  • Individual behavior, group behavior, and organizational behavior are all analyzed in the context of organizational behavior.
  • OB is a discipline that focuses on action and goal-setting. People and their behavior can be rationally analyzed by it
  • There is an art and a science to OB. It is a science to study human behavior in a systematic manner. An art of behavior is clearly evident when it comes to the application of behavioral knowledge and skills.
    Organizational goals and employee needs are both addressed by OB.


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