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Someone who improves an existing business can be called ______________.

Someone who improves an existing business can be called ______________.


A. A changeling.
B. A professional.
C. A co-worker.
D. An intrapreneur.

The Correct Answer Is:

  • D. An intrapreneur.

The correct term for someone who improves an existing business is “D. An intrapreneur.” Intrapreneurship is a concept that refers to employees within a company who take on entrepreneurial roles to innovate and drive positive changes in their organization. Here, is a detailed explanation of why option D is the correct answer and why the other options (A, B, and C) are not appropriate terms for this role.

D. An Intrapreneur (Correct Answer):

An intrapreneur is an individual within an organization who behaves like an entrepreneur while working within the established framework of the company. Intrapreneurs actively seek out opportunities for improvement, innovation, and growth within their organization.

They are characterized by their ability to identify and implement new ideas, products, services, or processes that lead to positive changes and advancements within the company. Intrapreneurs possess an entrepreneurial mindset, taking calculated risks and driving the organization forward.

They often exhibit qualities such as creativity, initiative, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Intrapreneurship is vital for established businesses seeking to adapt, stay competitive, and foster ongoing growth and development.

Intrapreneurs can bring about a range of improvements, from streamlining internal operations and processes to developing new revenue streams, products, or services.

They play a crucial role in ensuring that the company remains agile, innovative, and adaptable in a rapidly changing business environment. Therefore, option D, “An intrapreneur,” accurately describes someone who improves an existing business from within the organization.

Now, let’s explore why the other options are not suitable:

A. A Changeling (Incorrect):

The term “changeling” traditionally refers to a mythical creature or folklore character, often associated with fairies or supernatural beings, who is substituted for a human child. This term does not relate to business improvement or innovation in any way, making it an incorrect choice for someone improving an existing business.

B. A Professional (Incorrect):

While professionals certainly have a role in business, the term “professional” is too broad to specifically describe someone who is actively and intrinsically involved in improving an existing business.

Professionals can include individuals in various fields, from medicine and law to accounting and more, and may not necessarily be focused on entrepreneurial activities or innovation within a business context. It’s a broad and generic term that doesn’t capture the essence of what an intrapreneur does.

C. A Co-worker (Incorrect):

A co-worker is simply a colleague or fellow employee within the same organization. While co-workers may contribute to the business in various ways, the term doesn’t specifically denote someone who takes the initiative to improve the business.

Intrapreneurs are a subset of employees who actively engage in entrepreneurial activities to bring about positive changes, and they go beyond the scope of typical co-worker interactions.

In conclusion, the term “intrapreneur” is the correct choice for someone who improves an existing business from within the organization. Intrapreneurs possess an entrepreneurial mindset and actively work to innovate, drive positive changes, and contribute to the growth and development of their company.

The other options (A, B, and C) do not accurately describe this role, as they either have unrelated meanings or are too broad to specifically identify individuals engaged in intrapreneurial activities within a business context.

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