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The basic Web Services platform is combination of _____ and _______

The basic Web Services platform is combination of _____ and _______


A. css + http
B. xml + html
C. xml + http
D. css + java

The Correct Answer Is:

  • C. xml + http

Answer Explanation:

Yes, that’s correct. As the data format and communication protocol, XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is used in the basic web services platform. With the help of standard protocols like HTTP and XML, web services allow applications to communicate and exchange data over the internet.

  • An application can exchange data and communicate over the Internet using web services.
  • For sending and receiving information, standard protocols like HTTP and XML are used.
  • Data representation is flexible and extensible with XML, which is the format of choice for web services.
  • For data transmission over the Internet, HTTP is the communication protocol used by web services. HTTP is a widely-used, highly reliable, and well-understood protocol.
  • In addition to enabling the creation of reusable and interoperable components, web services allow different applications to work together seamlessly, regardless of the technology used.
  • Through the use of web services, new and creative methods of automating processes and integrating applications can be achieved.
  • Any platform supporting the standard protocols can publish and consume web services, which makes them ideal for cross-platform integration.
  • It is possible to leverage existing investments in technology while modernizing them by using web services to expose the functionality of legacy systems to new and modern applications.
  • In order to adapt to changing business needs, organizations can use web services to create flexible and scalable solutions.
  • Different applications can communicate without having to know the details of each other’s implementations with the help of web services.

In summary, web services enable communication and data exchange between applications over the internet using XML and HTTP as the data format and protocol, respectively.

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