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The frequent monitoring will be done by dash committee

The frequent monitoring will be done by dash committee


A. company representative.
B. Executive committee
C. project planning.
D. implementation.

The Correct Answer Is:

  • B. Executive committee

Answer Explanation

The frequent monitoring will be done by Executive committee. Organizational direction is provided by the executive committee to the CEO and the full board. It is the responsibility of committee members to assist the CEO and the board members in setting agenda items for board meetings. When an emergency arises, the executive committee often acts on behalf of the board. Depending on the committee’s purpose, its bylaws will outline any limitations in power.

As part of their strategic planning and advice to the board, executive committees usually conduct research related to investment, risk and industry trends. In addition to making periodic and timely presentations to the full board on progress toward the company’s strategic goals and initiatives, the executive committee should monitor and evaluate progress toward those goals and initiatives. There are many oversight responsibilities for executive committee members. Overseeing the implementation of board policies on a daily basis and ensuring that the company’s corporate governance practices are being observed and maintained are their responsibilities.

A review of the company’s ethics, security guidelines, quality management, human resource policies, and regulations is one of these activities. The supervisor is also responsible for overseeing ad hoc committees that develop policy by making sure that their objectives are met. A timely presentation of the minutes of the executive committee to the full board should include the minutes of their discussions. As well as forming and dissolving committees and task forces, the executive committee has a role in sunsetting them. A committee must be assessed every three years by the executive committee to ensure that it is productive and necessary. It is important that all board members serve on at least one committee during evaluations.

A chain of command is established in every corporation. Any workplace issue is handled by managers as a matter of course. It is possible, however, for serious issues to reach the board. When these types of situations arise, the executive committee hears the matter first and makes a decision on which issues can be handled at the executive committee level and which should be handled at the board level.

Related Questions,

Executive committee is headed by ______________________________.

A. end users.
B. consultant.
C. cio or ceo.
D. vendor.
Answer» C. cio or ceo.

The ______________ team is comprised of the technical leader and theexecutive committee head.

A. project management.
B. executive committee. .
C. work.
D. administrative support
Answer» A. project management.

One of the objectives of executive committee meeting is to address the issuesthat involve _______.

A. planning phase.
B. testing phase.
C. decisions from the top management.
D. training.
Answer» C. decisions from the top management.

Who is the head in ERP implementation team?

A. project management.
B. executive committee.
C. work team.
D. technical support team.
Answer» B. executive committee.


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