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The main objective of communication is | Business Communication MCQ

The main objective of communication is

A) information and persuasion.
B) kill and personality development.
C) control and management.
D) need.

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The Correct Answer for the given question is Option A) information and persuasion.


The main objective of communication is

Answer Explanation for Question: The main objective of communication is

Objectives of Communication

The main objective of communication is information and persuasion. In management, the main objective of communication is to convey information-instructions, policies, procedures, decisions, and so on, so the listener hears, reads, understands what is said, agrees and accepts the message, and reacts as the manager intended. Every business organization’s communication process has this objective as its most important and primary goal. Information exchange within an organization involves the exchange of ideas, facts, and other important details. For better understanding, both internal and external parties of the organization exchange information.

In order to maintain positive relationships, the manager may wish to influence or persuade the employee. Influencing someone’s thinking or behavior is what persuasion is all about. There are many ways to persuade someone to do something. Using an emotional appeal is one of them. As the soda is associated with happiness, it’s attempting to convince you to buy it so that you can be happy like the people in the advertisement. Debate club students do something different.

They are arguing logically instead of appealing to emotion, using facts and evidence to persuade one another. Persuasion does not always equal correctness. According to the soda ad, drinking it will make you happy and bring you many friends. This is objectively false. This type of advertising can be very persuasive, and a lot of people are influenced by it.

10 Objectives of Communication

  1. Building Awareness
  2. Providing Information
  3. Creating Interest amount Customers regarding Product
  4. Motivating People
  5. Promoting the brand, product or service
  6. Organizing Resources
  7. Offering better Coordination
  8. Increasing Efficiency
  9. Harmonious Relationship Between Management & Workers
  10. Job Satisfaction of the Employees

Importance of Communication

  1. The foundation of a relationship is communication.
  2. Communication serves as a bridge.
  3. Organizational success depends on communication.
  4. Effective communication leads to adequacy and clarity.
  5. The human race cannot survive without communication.
  6. Communicating effectively is vital to success both personally and professionally.  


I hope after going through this post you might have clearly understood the Question: The main objective of communication is information and persuasion.


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