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The management approach that emphasized ways to manage work more efficiently is the ___ approach.

The management approach that emphasized ways to manage work more efficiently is the ___ approach.

A) classical
B) quality-management
C) systems
D) contingency

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The Correct Answer for the given question is Option A) classical.


The classical management approach is one that emphasizes ways to manage work more efficiently. This approach is based on the belief that managing work in a more efficient way will lead to greater productivity and overall success. The classical management approach focuses on four key elements: organizing, motivating, communicating, and leading. Each of these elements must be properly managed in order to achieve optimum results.

Organizing involves creating a system that effectively tracks and records information related to the organization’s goals. This information can then be used to determine how resources are being used and how best to allocate them. Motivating employees requires understanding their individual needs and motivations in order to provide the right incentives and incentives structure. Communicating involves ensuring that all members of an organization have access to accurate information and appropriate resources so they can carry out their jobs effectively. Leading involves providing guidance and direction so employees can successfully carry out their tasks.

In conclusion, the classical management approach is a proven way to manage a company. It emphasizes the need for clear goals and objectives, communication, and cooperation among employees in order to successful achieve these goals. It is important to remember that the classical management approach is not applicable to all businesses, but it can be an effective tool for those looking to improve their organization’s performance.

Which of the following fosters specialization and worldwide supply chains?


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