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Advantages of Interview Method

Advantages of Interview Method

The advantages of the interview method over other techniques are as follows: 

  • Changing the interview situation allows a well-trained interviewer to obtain more data and greater clarity. This cannot be accomplished through a questionnaire. 
  • Unlike a questionnaire, an interview gives the researcher the opportunity to follow-up on leads. 
  • There are often shortcomings with questionnaires in that they are often shallow and do not give a true reflection of opinions and feelings. Interviews usually allow for much deeper exploration. 
  •  Using motivational techniques and maintaining rapport with the subject is one way for a skilled interviewer to obtain relevant information, other methods do not permit such an outcome. 
  • In an interview, respondents may reveal confidential information that they do not wish to record on a questionnaire. 
  • Those who cannot express themselves in writing, such as children and illiterate people, can use interview techniques. Questionnaires do not allow this. 

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