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Applied Research – Concept, Types, Methods, Benefits, Limitations and Examples | Research Methodology

Applied Research

Applied Research

In applied research, the objective is to solve a specific problem or provide innovative solutions to issues affecting an individual, group or society.

Since it involves the practical application of scientific methods to everyday problems, it is sometimes called a scientific method of inquiry or contractual research.

An applied researcher takes time to identify a problem, develop a research hypothesis, and then execute experiments to test these hypotheses. In many cases, this approach employs empirical methods in order to solve practical problems.

Applied research refers to a non-systematic approach that provides solutions to specific problems or issues. These issues can range from a personal one to a group or societal one.

Due to its direct approach to finding solutions, it is called a non-systematic approach. An applied research process is often seen as a scientific process because the tools of science are applied practically to reach a conclusion.

A researcher conducting applied research identifies a problem, formulates a hypothesis, and conducts experiments to test it. The research further examines the findings of a pure or basic research.

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