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BBA Subjects – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) | BBA in Nepal

BBA Subjects

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of undergraduate study in business management fundamentals and must include advanced courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, strategic management, supply chain management, and other subjects related to business management.

BBA students are prepared to handle managerial positions in business and public administration in order to start a career in these fields.. It will provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to take on responsible positions in domestic and global business organizations with modern impersonal skills and technical knowledge of current global business trends. By combining the study of social sciences and humanities with the study of business and management, the program provides students with a better understanding of the world, society, business, and life. Designed specifically for starting or advancing a career in management, the curriculum consists of four targeted learning competencies.

This degree will give a broad understanding of the functional parts of a company and their interconnections, while also allowing specialization in a particular area. The BBA curriculum exposes students to a variety of “core subjects” and generally allows them to specialize. This degree also equips students with practical, managerial, and communication skills, as well as decision-making abilities. The curriculum of many programs includes training and practical experience, such as case studies, presentations, internships, and visits to industrial sites.

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