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Career Development – Concept, Principles, Practices, Importance, Opportunities, Challenges and Career Development Plan | Human Resource Management (HRM)

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development is an ongoing process by which an individual grows and advances his or her career through education, training, work experience, networking, and self-reflection. As career development has evolved over the years, it encompasses a wide range of strategies and activities that assist individuals in achieving their professional goals.

There are three main dimensions to career development: individual, organizational, and societal. Personal characteristics and abilities, such as skills, interests, values, and goals, are included in the individual dimension. A key component of this dimension is self-assessment, which enables individuals to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to grow by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

In the organizational dimension, employers and other stakeholders are emphasized as facilitators of employees’ career development. As part of this dimension, employees will be able to develop the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers, including mentoring, training, coaching, and career planning.

Lastly, the societal dimension of career development emphasizes the wider social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the opportunities and challenges individuals face in their careers. A person’s access to education, employment, and career advancement opportunities can be affected by factors such as gender, race, and class.

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