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Change is Both a Creative and a Rational Process. Why? | Change Management Notes

Change is Both a Creative and a Rational Process.

Change is Both a Creative and a Rational Process. Why?

There is no doubt that change is a creative as well as a rational process because it involves a mix of imaginative thinking and logical decision-making in order to be effective. In order to adapt to change, one must have the ability to be open to new ideas and approaches while also able to evaluate them objectively. Ultimately, change is a necessity for progress, so we need to be able to use our critical thinking skills to make informed decisions.

Let’s break down why change can be seen as both creative and rational:

Creative Aspect:

a. Innovation and Vision:

A change often occurs when a creative spark, an innovative idea, or a vision for something new emerges in the mind of the individual. This creativity involves imagining a future state that will be better than the current state. For example, a company may want to develop a new product, which requires creativity to envision what that product might be.

b. Problem-Solving:

The ability to identify problems and challenges can be achieved by using creativity. Generating creative solutions involves thinking outside the box and coming up with novel ideas. The process of coming up with creative solutions is an essential part of the change process.

c. Adaptation to New Circumstances:

The need to adapt to these changes often requires creative thinking to find ways to do things in a new way to keep up with the changing trends. External factors such as market trends or technological advancements can also lead to change.

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