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Impression – Concept, Components, Types, Examples, MCQs | Types of Perceptual Errors



An impression is also one of the types of perceptual error. The term impression in psychology refers to the mental image or perception a person develops about someone or something based on a variety of cues, information, and experiences. As a result, an impression or judgment is formed by subjectively interpreting and evaluating the information available.

In order to form impressions, sensory information from the environment must be gathered and processed through the process of perception. It is, however, important to note that impressions are subjective and not purely based on factual information. In addition to cognitive biases, personal experiences, social context, and individual interpretations, they are also influenced by subjective factors.

Cognitive shortcuts or heuristics are commonly used when people form impressions to speed up the processing of information. These shortcuts can help individuals process information efficiently, but they can also lead to erroneous judgments.

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