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Management is a Dynamic Function – 6 Major Characteristics | Principles of Management (POM)

Characteristics of Management as a Dynamic Function

Management is a Dynamic Function

Managing is a dynamic function that constantly evolves and adapts to changing situations, challenges, and opportunities. When an organization’s management is effective, it succeeds. It is essential for management to plan, coordinate, lead, and control resources in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives, but management isn’t a static process defined by predetermined tasks.

The function evolves constantly as the environment, challenges, and opportunities change.

It is the dynamic nature of management that is influenced by a number of factors, including technological advancements, globalization, the changing nature of the workforce, and customer expectations. Managers must be flexible, agile, and proactive in order to deal with these factors in a constantly shifting landscape.

It is imperative that managers possess certain skills and competencies, embrace innovation, and foster a culture of continuous improvement in order to navigate the dynamic nature of management effectively.

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