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Objectives of Project Management -10 Major Objectives | Project Management

Objectives of Project Management 

The discipline of project management encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at achieving specific goals and objectives within a defined set of limits. To ensure successful project execution, project managers and teams must follow the objectives of project management.

We will explore the significance of each objective in this detailed explanation below:

Objectives of Project Management 

i. Clear Project Definition:

In project management, the first objective is to clearly define the project. An effective project plan and execution are based on identifying the project’s purpose, scope, objectives, deliverables, and stakeholders.

This helps stakeholders understand the project’s purpose and align their expectations with its intended outcomes. Project definitions set the stage for the entire project lifecycle.

The project manager can define the project scope and define what is included in and what is excluded from it by clearly defining it.

A clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished is key to creating a shared understanding. As a project manager, you should work closely with stakeholders to ensure their expectations are incorporated into the project definition. Clear objectives provide direction and guide decision-making throughout the project.

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