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Objectives of Trade Union – 10 Major Objectives Explained in Detail | Human Resource Management

Trade Union

Objectives of Trade Union

A trade union is an organized association of workers or employees formed to protect and promote their collective interests and welfare. In the labor market and industrial relations, trade unions play a critical role in representing the rights of workers and advocating for their rights, representing their needs and interests.

Trade unions have a wide range of goals, including economic, social, and political ones. In this explanation, we will examine the details of these goals in detail.

Objectives of Trade Union

1. Collective Bargaining:

A trade union’s fundamental objective is collective bargaining, which involves negotiating with the employer or management to reach an agreement on employment-related issues that are mutually acceptable to both parties. There are many aspects of employment, including wages, working hours, overtime pay, benefits, job security, and so on.

Workers have a stronger voice in the workplace when trade unions negotiate collectively for their interests. In order to resolve labor disputes and set labor standards, collective bargaining establishes a formal and structured mechanism. In addition, it ensures employers take into account workers’ concerns and preferences in decisions that directly affect their working lives.

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