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Oral Communication – Meaning, Forms and Methods | Business Communication

Oral Communication

Oral Communication

Oral Communication


➦ Oral communication is not only just speaking or listening to someone. Visual Communication and nonverbal expressions are an integral part of Oral Communication process.

➦ Therefore, the technical communicators should properly use these fundamentals of oral communication to enhance their oral communication.

➦ In many of the school and colleges oral communication class has been an very important part of the education curriculum which will help in enhancing their oral skills. This will lead to improvement in their oral and written communication skills.

➦ Oral communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas through spoken language. This can happen in person through face-to-face interaction or through an electronic device such as a phone, video platform, or radio.

➦ Communication through oral means such as a staff meeting, webinar, or workshop is the most effective way for businesses to transmit information verbally.

➦ It is important to communicate verbally in order to establish trust and reliability. Oral communication is much more effective than an email or a text message.

➦ When it comes to important and sensitive conversations, such as salary negotiations or conflict resolution, oral communication is often the best way to get your message across, avoid misunderstandings, and minimize confusion.

➦ In addition, oral communication is vital to understand people around you, both professionally and personally.

➦ It enables us to solve problems and is an essential component of learning a language. Moreover, it allows people to exchange information rapidly as well as express emotions during conversations.

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