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Performance Counseling – Detailed Explanation and MCQs | Human Resource Management

Performance Counseling

Performance Counseling

In performance counseling, supervisors or managers provide feedback and guidance to employees regarding their performance. This process is also known as performance management or performance appraisal. The goal of human resource management is to improve employee productivity, job satisfaction, and achieve organizational goals through it.

Performance counseling aims to foster continuous improvement and development through a constructive and supportive environment.

The following is a detailed explanation of the performance counseling process:

Performance Counseling

1. Establishing Expectations:

Setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee is the first step in performance counseling. At the beginning of the performance period, these expectations should be communicated to the employee in alignment with the organization’s objectives and goals.

Key performance indicators (KPIs), job responsibilities, targets, and any other relevant performance evaluation criteria may be included in expectations. It is important to set clear expectations for employees in order to align their efforts with the organization’s strategic goals.

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