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Product Positioning – Types of Product Positioning | Principles of Marketing

Types of Product Positioning

Product Positioning

Product Positioning is a crucial element of marketing strategy that defines how a company or product is perceived by its target market. As part of the positioning strategy, the product or service is given a unique image that distinguishes it from competitors.

In addition to increasing brand loyalty, a well-defined positioning strategy helps companies communicate their product’s benefits to their target market effectively.

Depending on the marketing objectives and target audience, companies can use different positioning strategies. The seven different positioning strategies are discussed below in detail.

i. Attribute Positioning:

This strategy emphasizes a particular characteristic or feature of a product or service in order to differentiate it from its competitors. In attribute positioning, companies emphasize a unique feature of their products that their competitors have not yet used.

For example, Volvo uses safety as an attribute positioning strategy, highlighting its innovative safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and seatbelts. An attribute positioning strategy works when the unique feature is valuable to the target audience and isn’t offered by competitors.

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