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Real Numbers Class 10 MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions | Mathematics

Real Numbers Class 10 MCQ

Real Numbers 

A real number is any number that can be found in the real world. Numbers are all around us. Natural numbers are traditionally used to count objects, rational numbers are used to represent fractions, irrational numbers are used to compute the square root of a number, and integers are used to measure temperature, etc. Together, these types of numbers form a real number collection.Real numbers have the property of being represented over a number line. Imagine a horizontal line. Imagine that it has its origin at zero. The positive points are located on the right, and the negative points are located on the left. Those points can be considered real numbers.

Among these numbers you will find a rational one like 34% and a rational one like 72.3, and you will also find an irrational one like pi. These numbers are in a line, making them easy to compare.In addition to being greater or less than another, they can also be ordered, and you can multiply, divide, and add them..

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