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Recruitment – Meaning, Objectives, Importance, Factors, Strategies and Checklist of Recruitment | Human Resource Management



Recruitment is the process of actively searching for, finding, and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. In recruitment, the entire hiring process is considered, from finding a candidate to integrating them into the company. As a result of recruitment, the organization looks for qualified candidates and encourages them to apply for jobs. This creates a pool of job seekers, facilitating the recruitment of better candidates.

Recruiting brings together potential employees and organizations looking for qualified candidates. In an organization, a properly implemented recruitment process results in the hiring and selection of suitable personnel.

Hiring talent is a systematic process in HRM. The process includes identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting, and finally hiring the most qualified candidate to fill in vacant positions in an organization. Employees are considered the biggest asset of any company, and their HR department is responsible for managing their People Management. Among the primary duties of Human Resource Management (HRM) is to keep building the pool of Human Capital for the organization so as to select the right candidate for the right job. In recruiting, the goal is to choose and hire the right person for the right job at the right time. Generally, the Human Resource Management Department considers two of the main sources of recruitment: internal and external. It is the objective of the recruitment process to gather information about talented and qualified individuals who may be interested in working for the organization.

Definitions related to Recruitment by Renowned Authors 

Some of the definitions related to recruitment by renowned authors are as follows:

  • As defined by Edwin B. Flippo, “It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.” He further elaborates it, terming it both negative and positive.
  • As per DeCenzo and Robbins, it is the process to discover potential candidates for future actual or anticipated job vacancies. Another perspective is that it is a linking activity which brings together organizations those with jobs to fill and people those are seeking jobs.
  • As per the definition of Dale Yoder, It is way through which the manpower requirements of the organization can be fulfilled. It employs effective procedure to attract the people in ample amount to make sure a suitable person is recruited on the available job profile.
  • Kempner says that Recruitment is identified as a first step of the process which persists with selection and ends with the joining of the suitable candidate in the organization.
  • Plumbley describes recruitment as a process to match the capacities of candidates with the demands of the organization. The inclination of qualified candidates should also match with the rewards and benefits the organizations are willing to provide in the job.

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