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TMS Registration Link – Online Registration Form | Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)

TMS Registration Link

TMS Registration Link

TMS (Trade Management System) is a web-based service that helps you organize all your trading and negotiations. By streamlining the process between buyers and sellers as well as between team members, the trading process is streamlined. TMS (Trade Management Systems) offer many benefits. Through Online TMS, you can purchase or sell shares, bonds, and mutual funds in the secondary sharemarket of Nepal.

The broker trade management system (TMS) of NEPSE has been integrated with the ConnectIPS e-Payment system, as well as the APIs of connectIPS and NCHL-IPS, which has allowed NEPSE to complete the online payments legs of the trade. Through its TMS online system, investors can transfer funds through payment gateway of connectIPS to broker’s bank account for collateral deposits or buy trade payments. For collateral withdrawal or sale proceeds, the broker can also release payments directly to the investor’s bank account.

The investor must log into the TMS online platform and connectIPS e-Payment in order to load funds into the trading account. For TMS credentials, go directly to your stock broker, for connectIPS e-Payment credentials, go to or download the connectIPS mobile app. ConnectIPS enables investors to link multiple bank accounts, but there is a one-time bank verification required.

After the settlement of sales, the broker will direct deposit the funds into the investor’s bank account linked to BOID. In order for the broker to transfer the funds to the investor’s bank account, the investor must request collateral withdrawal. Brokers and investors will now be able to make electronic payments directly through their bank accounts when utilizing NEPSE’s Online Share Trading Platform.

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