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Types of Convenience Products | 3 Major Types Explained in Detail | Principles of Marketing

Types of Convenience Products

Types of Convenience Products 

Types of Convenience Products

➦ Convenience products are relatively inexpensive, and are purchased with a minimum of time and effort because the buyer knows the product’s characteristics. Convenience products can be subdivided into three groups ie; Staples, impulse, and emergency.

➦ The term convenience product refers to consumer goods that are readily available and requires minimal effort to use or purchase.

➦ Most of these products are low-cost and low-involvement, designed to meet the demands of consumers seeking quick, easy solutions to everyday problems.

➦ In convenience products marketing, products are promoted and sold that make consumers’ lives easier and more efficient. It is easy to find these products in supermarkets, convenience stores, and online, where they can be purchased for everyday use.

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