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Types of Export – 8 Common Types Explained in Detail | International Business

Types of Export

Types of Export

Export is the process of selling goods and services produced in one country to customers in another country. This is a crucial aspect of international trade that promotes economic growth, creates jobs, and facilitates global integration. Different types of export are available, each accommodating different market needs and business strategies. Here are some common types of exports:

Types of Export

1. Direct Export:

Direct export is the process of selling goods and services directly to foreign customers or end-users without the involvement of intermediaries. This type of export involves the exporting company taking full responsibility for marketing, sales, shipping, and customer service. With direct export, companies can control the branding, pricing, and customer relationships of their products.

Establishing a sales and distribution channel in foreign markets is one way companies can start direct exports. To promote and sell their products directly to customers, they can employ their existing sales teams or hire local representatives. In addition, companies can set up physical retail outlets or online stores to reach foreign consumers directly.

Direct export provides many advantages, including direct access to customer feedback, quick decision-making, and the ability to build strong brand recognition globally for businesses with a strong global presence, sufficient resources, and international trade expertise.

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