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Types of Groups – Formal and Informal Group | Group Behavior and Team Development

Types of Group

Types of Groups

 A group is a collection of two or more people who work together to accomplish a specific goal.

 Groups are aggregations of people who interact with each other, are aware of each other, share a common objective, and perceive themselves as a group.

 A collection of individuals does not constitute a group.

 Groups are collections of individuals or things with something in common or gathered together for a specific purpose.

 Social, educational, professional, and recreational groups can be formed for a variety of reasons.

 It can be formal or informal, large or small, organized or unorganized. A group can be a club, a team, a committee, an organization, or a family.

 It’s also possible to classify groups according to their structure, such as formal or informal. Corporations or government agencies are formal groups with defined structures and rules.

 A group of friends hanging out has no formal rules or regulations, whereas an informal group has a more relaxed structure.

 Depending on their purpose, groups can also be classified. A book club or a knitting group, for example, is formed to socialize and build relationships.

 A study group or a language class is an educational group formed to learn and gain knowledge.

 The purpose of professional groups is to advance one’s career, such as networking groups or trade associations.

 The purpose of recreational groups is to engage in leisure activities, such as hiking clubs or gaming clubs.

 By providing support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging, groups can benefit individuals.

 As well as teaching skills, gaining new perspectives, and making lasting connections, they can also help you learn new things.

 The negative effects of groups, such as groupthink, where members conform to the majority’s opinions instead of thinking for themselves, can also occur.

 The benefits of groups can be numerous and play an important role in our lives.

 A group can bring people together and accomplish great things, whether it is a small group of friends or a large organization.

Types of Groups

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