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What is Motivation ? – Concept of Motivation | Organizational Behavior

What is Motivation ? | Concept of Motivation | Organizational Behavior

Motivation is derived from the word ‘Motive’ which means desire, needs, wants, or drives within an individual. Motivation is a psychological process. It encourages and stimulates people to action to accomplish the desired goal. It creates willingness among employees to perform to the best of their ability which helps to meet the organizational goal and individual Desire. However, motivation can also be affected by an individual’s ability, perception, learning, and personality.

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In an organization, managers must be able to raise the motivation of subordinates for better performance and for the attainment of the common goal. Managers also must ensure the fulfillment of employees’ personal needs as well. Initially, motivation has arisen from the unfulfilled need of an individual, a certain factor is needed to stimulate their desire and lastly, they work for the accomplishment of their goal.

For example, an employee needs to travel from a public bus to the office every day. He wishes for a motorbike for an easy route to the office, at the same time an office announces a motorbike as an appraisal for the best employee of the month, here the desire of an employee for a motorbike is stimulated by the announcement in the office. Now he works with his best efficiency to accomplish the task and get the motorbike. In this case, the desire for a motorbike is the need. The announcement by the office is the stimulus to motivate the employee for the motorbike and his hard work to get the motorbike is the action to accomplish the goal of the best employee of the month. Managers must have an idea of motivating factors to encourage employees by various rewards, appraisals, etc for their best outcomes.

Therefore, we can define motivation as the psychological phenomena which encourage and inspire to fulfill the needs and wants of individuals by framing a continuous plan to achieve the desired goal. Many Scholars have defined motivation in various ways, among them one of the scholars Dalton E. McFarland defines motivation as “ The concept of motivation is mainly psychological. It relates to those forces operating within the individual employee or subordinate which impel him to act or not to act in a certain way.”


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