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Which bird is featured on New Zealand’s one dollar coin?

Which bird is featured on New Zealand’s one dollar coin?


A) Pigeon
B) Parrot
C) Kiwi
D) Sparrow


Answer Explanation

Answer Explanation

The correct answer for the given question is option C) Kiwi

The currency of New Zealand is known as the New Zealand dollar, which is sometimes referred to as the “kiwi.” The currency was decimalized in 1967 and divided into 100 parts or cents. Before 1967, the currency was called the New Zealand pound. There are five New Zealand coins currently in circulation − 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2.

Kiwi  is featured in the currency of New Zealand because they are a symbol for the uniqueness of wildlife  and natural heritage of  New Zealand. Kiwi were used to represent New Zealand in cartoons, including depictions of the All Blacks team. Before World War I New Zealanders didn’t refer to themselves as Kiwis. The current circulating coin was introduced on 11 February 1991 to replace the existing $1 note. There had previously been occasional issues of commemorative “silver dollars”, but they are rarely seen in circulation.

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