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Which helps enable an oligopoly to form within a market

Which helps enable an oligopoly to form within a market


A) Costs of starting a competing business are too high.
B) The government restricts market entry.
C) The number of options in a market confuses consumers.
D) No competition exists between producers.

The Correct Answer Is:

  • A) Costs of starting a competing business are too high.

Answer Explanation:

In an oligopoly market, there are a few firms that dominate the market. The barriers to entry are high, and it is difficult for new firms to enter the market. The main reason why oligopoly markets exist is because of the high costs of production. The firms in an oligopoly market are able to charge higher prices and make higher profits than in a perfectly competitive market.

In an oligopoly market, a few large companies dominate the market and there is little competition. These companies can charge high prices and make large profits because there are few other companies offering the same products or services. The main reason why oligopoly markets exist is that the costs of starting a competing business are too high.

Starting a business requires significant investment, including money for research and development, marketing, and product development. For many industries, the cost of entry is simply too high for new companies to compete with established firms. This lack of competition means that oligopoly markets can persist for years or even decades. Oligopolies can be found in many different industries, from energy to healthcare to consumer goods. In each case, the high costs of starting a new business have prevented real competition from taking root.

People Also Ask

What are the conditions that enable oligopoly?

There are fewer than a few companies that have a strong hold on a market in an oligopoly. A monopoly can only exist if there is a large enough share of the market for the companies to be profitable and compete effectively. Monopolistic competition, high demand, and low prices for a good or service are conditions that enable oligopolies.

It is common for a few companies to own a large percentage of the market in an oligopoly. Having a high price point for its products can allow the company to sell them at a discount to make money. Moreover, oligopolies are unstable and often collapse when new companies or customers enter the market.

How is a oligopoly formed?

An oligopoly is a market in which a small number of companies control a large share of the market. Business collusion, the purchase or sale of businesses together, can be used to create this. Competition and innovation are hindered by oligopolies, resulting in fewer choices for consumers and harming society.

An oligopoly occurs when a few firms dominate an industry or marketplace. By forming monopolies, colluding with other firms, or buying out other companies, this can be achieved. Companies can also form an oligopoly when they have a dominant market position and are unable to compete with each other.

What makes a market an oligopoly?

Oligopolistic markets are those where there are only a few companies offering products or services. Because these companies can charge more for their products and services, they have the incentive to stay in the market. It may be necessary for some companies to offer certain products or services in order to participate in the market in order to keep it from becoming too strong.

What are the 4 characteristics of oligopoly market structure?

In oligopolistic markets, high entry barriers and low competition can lead to higher profits for a small number of producers. In oligopolies, the market is dominated by a small number of firms, and consumers can only buy products from them.

What is the most important feature of oligopoly?

The most important characteristic of an oligopoly is that it allows a few companies to control a large market share. This leads to high profits and limited competition, which can result in better products and innovation. A market called an oligopoly is one in which there are too many companies competing for the same customers. A lack of competition and high prices can result from this. The lack of innovation and choice in oligopoly also leads to lower-quality products and services.



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