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Which is the Least Expensive Method for Recruitment ?

Which is the Least Expensive Method for Recruitment ?


A) Walk-ins, write-ins, and talk-ins
B) Campus Placements
C) Employment Exchanges
D) Consultants

The Correct Answer Is:

  • A) Walk-ins, write-ins, and talk-ins

Answer Explanation for Question “Which is the Least Expensive Method for Recruitment ?

Candidate direct applications are most common and least expensive, in which job seekers submit unsolicited application letters or resumes. The pool of potential employees can also be expanded through direct applications. According to employees, walk-ins are preferable to other methods of recruitment because they avoid hassles. Some companies compile pools of potential employees from direct applications for skilled positions, despite the fact that direct applications are mostly used to fill entry-level and unskilled jobs.

Nowadays, walk-ins are one of the most popular methods of recruitment. There are many new opportunities in today’s newspapers that can be tapped in newer ways. The majority of jobs are filled through walk-in interviews. Interviews are conducted by applicants walking in with their resumes. Interviewers who are not aware of the number of candidates to interview face a tough challenge during walk-in interviews.

It is sometimes the case that the number of candidates varies directly with the temperature outside. Compared to other recruitment methods, walk-ins are more convenient from the employee’s perspective since they do not involve any hassles.

The process of writing-in involves sending written inquiries and completing application forms. A growing number of people are participating in talk-ins nowadays as well. The recruiter will meet with job seekers on an appropriate date for a detailed discussion. This does not require the submission of an application.


Companies sometimes schedule walk-in interviews at their locations or at public locations, such as job fairs, where candidates can attend at the scheduled time and date. Business owners can hire a large number of applicants without making appointments in advance. An inexpensive approach such as this can be used. Businesses can afford to interview a large number of applicants. Posting a single advertisement on a job board or in a local newspaper can be used to invite candidates for the position.

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