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Coaxial cable is a  faster and more reliable cable that is made up of one or more central wire rounded by thick insulation. It is used to connect the cable line on the television. Standard telephone lines use coaxial cables. It is capable of carrying 500 Mbps or 15000 voice calls.


Because of its particular constructions, coaxial cable is much less susceptive than twisted pair cable to outside interference and information damage. It is more expensive than twisted pair cable and difficult to setup. Coaxial cable has a copper conductor at its center. A plastic layer provides the insulation between the center conductor and braided metal shield (outer conductor).


The metal shield helps to block any outside interference from fluorescent lights, motors, and other computers. Although a coaxial cable is difficult to install, it is highly resistant to signal interference. It can support greater cable length between network devices than twisted pair cable. There are various models of coaxial cables including flat coaxial cable.


The answer to the given question ” Which of the following are characteristics of coaxial network cable?”, is:


  • The end of the cable must be terminated.

  • It has a conductor made from copper in the center of the cable.

  • It uses two concentric metallic conductors.