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Which of the following are typical incident facilities?

Which of the following are typical incident facilities?

A) Point-of-distribution sites
B) Camps
C) Incident Command Post
D) All of the Above

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The correct answer for the given question is Option D) All of the Above


Incident Facilities

According to the requirements of the incident, a command post may be established. Incident Commanders or unified commands determine when and where these facilities are set up. Command post facilities are responsible for gathering, coordinating, and directing all incident operations. A single command post is required per incident.

A command post should be shared by the government and the private sector to make planning and communication easier. The command post usually houses the communications center. An incident base is used to stage equipment and personnel to respond to large oil spills across a broad area (e.g., a small craft launching site, shoreline cleanup access point). It is possible for Incident Command to establish various types of support facilities based on the incident size and complexity. Typical Incident facilities include the following: 

  • Incident Command Post (ICP)
  • Incident base
  • Staging areas
  • Camps
  • Mass casualty triage areas
  • Points-of-distribution and
  • Emergency shelters.


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