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Which of the following is not a source of Extraorganizational Stress?

Which of the following is not a source of Extraorganizational Stress?


a) Family problems
b) Life crises
c) Financial difficulties
d) Poor relationships with one’s boss

The correct Answer for the given Question is Option d) Poor relationships with one’s boss.

Answer Explanation

Stress at work is not always caused by activities inside the organization, but it is always influenced by situations occurring outside the organization. Work-related stress that is caused by things that happen outside of the organization is known as Extraorganizational Stress. 

Some of factors or sources of Extraorganizational Stress include:

(a) Social and Technological Changes 

Changes happening at a rapid pace create a stressful environment. Such rapid changes disrupt life, making it hard for people to adjust quickly.Stress can also be caused by technological uncertainty. Technology makes an employee’s skills and experience obsolete very quickly in today’s era of technological development. Other technological innovations, such as computers and automation, pose a threat and cause stress for many people.

(b) Financial Problems 

Especially in big cities, where rent is steep and the standard of living is high, there might be financial difficulties as a result. The husband may have to work additional hours, or the wife may have to earn some money, which can reduce family time and increase stress.There are a number of factors that can contribute to employee financial stress, including debt, poor credit, and bankruptcies. In addition to absenteeism and lower productivity at work, financial stress may lead to higher staff turnover rates in an organization. Almost everyone has experienced financial stress at some point in their lives. In the event that financial stress disrupts your daily life, it can become problematic. Because of your money-related stress, you may not be able to focus on or enjoy other aspects of your life.

Mental health and even physical health can be negatively affected by financial stress. Anxiety, depression, behavioral changes, withdrawal from social activities, or stomachaches and headaches can occur when people are under financial stress.

(c) Family Problems 

Family problems can range from something as simple as strained relationships between the parents and their children to something more serious. Examples include mentally retarded children, handicapped children, etc.Some people find refuge and security in family life, while others find pain and disappointment there. Many of the stresses and strains we experience in the outside world are absorbed by our families, which can result in pressures boiling over. In some cases, a personal problem, especially among young people, can overwhelm a family and there seems to be no clear way forward. Other times, family members are confused, angry, or hurt by changes within the family.

(d) Race, Religion and Sex of a Person 

Factors such as sex and religion can cause stress. Women are more stressed than men since they live in a male-dominated world. Stress is more prevalent among employees who live in areas where racial, caste, and religious differences often exacerbate conflicts among people. People from lower castes and minorities (especially in India) are more stressed by religions.

(e) Civic Amenities 

These are all extra-organizational factors that can cause stress, such as the area where one lives, the water supply, air pollution, noise pollution, and electricity supply. With the growth of the population, a number of activities are being undertaken to improve the quality of life for its citizens, namely industrialization, urbanization and so on.Today, everyone wants to live a healthy and civilized life without caring about the environment. People with such attitudes exert tremendous pressure on civic amenities such as water supply, power supply, transportation services, and health care on a daily basis.

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